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Joint Venture-Opportunity Development Assignments
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Structured Joint Venture-Opportunity Development

Assignments are strategic and CONFIDENTIAL in nature and involve comprehensive non-disclosure agreements for all respective parties. Some of the great firms we have positioned in these relationships and opportunities include:
A>  Black & Veatch Power Division - Overland Park, KS
Select - National-North American strategic initiatives
B>  PCL Construction Services - Los Angeles / Denver / Seattle / Minneapolis - Strategic Opportunity Development & Select Project JV Development
C>  Howard S. Wright Construction - Seattle / Phoenix / Portland / Los Angeles / San Francisco
D>  Thomas & Egenhoefer - Milwaukee, WI
E>  Hensel-Phelps Construction - Los Angeles / Phoenix / Las Vegas
F>  McCarthy Construction - Las Vegas / Phoenix / Salt Lake City
G> Marnell Corrao Associates - Las Vegas - National Assignments
H> Skanska Building Group USA - Atlanta /
Las Vegas / Queens, New York
I>  Agate, Inc. - Scottsdale / Minneapolis
J> Tutor-Saliba Corporation - Los Angeles / Las Vegas
J>  Kraus-Anderson Construction - Las Vegas / Phoenix / Southwest USA - Midwest / National
K> New Mech Companies - New Mech Constructors SW - Las Vegas / Phoenix
L> CorVal Group - Southwest USA
M> Walsh Construction Group - Chicago
N> JE Dunn Construction - Kansas City,
      North Central and South Central regions USA
O> Bukacek Construction - Milwaukee/Racine/Northern Illinois & Minneapolis
P> Shawmut Construction - Las Vegas, Western USA Stregic Development/Opportunity Development
LeTourneau can discuss elements of specific assignments on an individual level with interested firms. Were also able to provide client feedback.

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